Eine große Auswahl an hochwertigen, leistungsstarken Kühlboxen, Kannen und Flaschen, die Speisen und Getränke längere Zeit kälter halten, egal ob Sie sich im Garten entspannen oder während eines ausgedehnten Campingausflugs.

Cooler Combo
135,00 €
Fliplid 6
22,99 €

Das Wichtigste im Überblick

  • Thick, Premium PU Insulation

    Tests show that cooling loss is 30% through the top and 30% through the base.

    New models feature increased insulation in the lid and base, and reduced insulation onthe sides, resulting in smaller exterior dimensions yet retaining interior capacity and performance.

    We uses polyurethane, the highest quality insulation material available on the market - utilizing up to 30% more insulation.
  • UV Protectant - Prohibits damage from sun exposure

    The outer case and lid of the cooler is injected with a UV inhibitor. The cooler is protected from constant sun exposure and will protect against yellowing and cracking, which can often occur if the cooler is kept permanently on a boat or dock.
  • Increased Efficiency

    When a cooler comes in contact with a hot floor, heat is transferred directly to the cooler. If the cooler is lifted off of the ground, the heat is transferred through the air in the gap (air is a great insulator). Cooler have two integrated, rounded feet providing the perfect amount of space for air to flow.

    Research indicates that the most performance efficient shape for a cooler is spherical, as this is not practical we have angled the corners of selected models to further enhance performance.
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