Unleaded 1 Mantle Lantern
Unleaded 1 Mantle Lantern

Unleaded 1 Mantle Lantern
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Compact, bright and incredibly efficient, this lantern is rugged and easy-to-use. Durable and tough components make it an ideal companion if you are an active camper looking for a robust, effective lantern for your travels.  It operates off Coleman fuel or unleaded petrol, providing long burn times and the reassurance that you will have access to fuel wherever your travels take you across the globe.  A long burn time of up to 14 hours and fully adjustable light output, from soft ambient light to bright effective lighting, in addition to the fact that it is reassuringly safe and will not flare after 1 minute of correct operation, ensure that the lantern is a perfect choice for a wide variety of activities. 

  • Operates off unleaded petrol or Coleman® Liquid Fuel
  • Run time: Up to 14 h
  • Dimensions: H 32 x Ø 15 cm
  • Weight: 1.34 kg

Unleaded Lantern Range Features:

  • The ventilator cap (cap on the top of the lantern) is corrosion resistant and heat resistant thanks to the porcelain coating.
  • There is a high-heat resistant clear globe for brightness.
  • Lantern cap is held in place with a screw, simply unscrew the nut and you have clear access to the globe and mantle.
  • There is a specific hole below the generator area so that you can easily insert a lit match for ignition.
  • Includes a strong carry handle.
  • Built-in stabilisers below the globe prevent globe rattle and breakage.
  • Adjustable power, providing a soft ambient light to a bright light.

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