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Top tips for pitching and packing down your tent

1) Practice pitching the tent at home. As well as making it easier to pitch once you reach the great outdoors, it is also handy to double check that you aren’t missing anything before you leave. 

2) Take a camping mallet with you as it will make pushing tent pegs into hard ground much easier.

3) Before pitching, clear away any sticks, stones or other debris that might damage the groundsheet of your tent. 

4) Place a Coleman footprint on the ground before pitching your tent, this not only protects your tent groundsheet from damage but will keep it clean and dry, making it much quicker to pack away. 

5) Always ensure that the tent doors are closed before pegging out, this prevents unnecessary pressure being put on the doors when pitched or being unable to close the doors properly and potentially having to re-pitch the tent. 

6) In windy conditions, loosely peg-out the flysheet before inserting poles into the pole sleeves, this will stop the tent from flapping or blowing away, reducing the risk of tent damage.

7) Always push rather than pull poles through the pole sleeves, you do not want pole sections to pull apart in the pole sleeves as this could rip the tent and snap the shock-cord. 

8) If your tent is wet or damp when you pack it away, take it out as soon as you get home and allow it to dry thoroughly before storing. This will help prevent mould and mildew, as well as prolonging the lifespan of your tent. 

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