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There is a problem with my Coleman product and it is still in warranty, what do I need to do?

My product is out of warranty and has a defect, what can I do?

Purchasing, spares and servicing

Where can I buy Coleman products?

Can I order Coleman products direct from Coleman?

Is this Coleman product still available for purchase?

Is this Coleman product available in UK?

Is there any service center where I can bring my Coleman product?

Liquid fuel appliances

My Coleman lantern is burning long yellow flames

I cannot pressurise my Coleman fuel appliance

After I turn off the control valve my Coleman fuel appliance is still burning.

My Coleman fuel appliance is not burning constantly – the flame is ‘dancing’

My Coleman fuel appliance is losing pressure quickly

General product queries

My Coleman Airbed is losing air overnight, what can I do?

I’m not able to find any punctures or holes, so why is my airbed still losing air?

How can I maintain the battery health of my Coleman product?

I have lost my manual for my Coleman product, what can I do?

My tent is no longer in warranty and no longer in current product range but has developed a defect, what can I do?

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